Jayne Mansfield - Suey (1967)

A track by the famous Hollywood bombshell Jayne Mansfield may seem like an odd addition to this playlist. The collaboration was so unexpected that many believed it to be just a rumour. 
However it is now believed that while struggling to earn a living as a sideman and session musician for various rhythm & blues acts, Hendrix recorded the guitar part used on this song in a 1966 session for Ed Chalpin. 
Suey was originally the b-side to As The Clouds Drift By, a single by Jayne Mansfield which Chalpin licensed (Hendrix was uncredited) to several European labels in July 1967, just weeks after Mansfield died in a car crash.
Ironically Hendrix never actually met Jayne Mansfield and presumably never even knew what his guitar part went on to be used for!