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Dinners and Receptions


Handel's Home: The Parlours

Capacity: 22 for dinner

The Fore Parlour, overlooking the street, served as a reception area for all of Handel's visitors to the house. Musicians rehearsed here, friends gathered, and fans collected their special subscriber copies of Handel’s music. 

Today, this versatile space offers the ideal backdrop for your next event, suitable for various occasions, including special seated dinners, standing receptions and intimate concerts.

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Handel's Home: The Dining Room

Capacity: 70 people for a standing reception

Undoubtedly the most opulent space in the house, this room was Handel's haven for entertaining wealthy patrons, rehearsing his singers and musicians, and showcasing his prized art collection. Continuing the legacy of this storied room, you're invited to host your next event in this truly historic setting. Adorned with Georgian decor and featuring our playable 18th-century harpsichord, it offers a unique and enchanting ambiance, perfect for any reception.

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The Hendrix Experience: Jimi's bedroom

Capacity: 50 people for a drinks party / reception.

The Hendrix Flat occupies the upper floor of 23 Brook Street, where Jimi Hendrix lived from July 1968 to March 1969. This main room, where he lived, entertained, rehearsed, and composed, has been meticulously restored to its original appearance. Additionally, a permanent exhibition highlights Hendrix's significance in the vibrant musical and social scene of the 1960s London.

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Whole House

100 people for a drinks party / reception, spread across all four floors.

8.00am to 10.30pm, Monday and Tuesday
6.30pm to 10.30pm, Wednesday to Saturday


Immerse yourself in the rich musical history of Handel Hendrix House by adding live entertainment to your gathering.

We'll assist you in selecting from our diverse range of performers, spanning from Baroque stars to talented guitarists, ensuring your event is truly unforgettable.

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