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Handel House 06 Credit James Newton

Handel House

Handel House occupies four floors of 25 Brook Street, the building in which the composer George Frideric Handel lived from 1723 until his death in 1759.

The restored historic rooms include his bedroom, and the dining room in which he rehearsed his musicians and singers and often gave informal recitals for friends and neighbours. The Hallelujah Project has restored the very much anticipated kitchen in the lower ground floor and the front and back parlours on the ground floor. Additional rooms in the adjoining house are used for temporary exhibitions which focus on aspects of Handel’s life in Georgian London, his legacy and the baroque instruments that can be heard in his extensive body of work.

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Hendrix Flat

Hendrix Flat occupies the upper floor of 23 Brook Street, in which Jimi Hendrix lived from July 1968 to March 1969.

The main room of the flat where he lived, entertained friends, rehearsed and wrote new music, and gave numerous press and media interviews has been restored. A permanent exhibition introduces Hendrix’s place in the musical and social world of 1960s London, his influences and his legacy. New rooms dedicated to Jimi’s legacy and mesmerizing performances have been developed and will be presented upon our reopening. His staircase, previsouly closed off to the public, has been reinforced and will be part of the visit.



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Access for researchers

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We welcome requests to view collection items or the museum building itself by researchers. Access can be provided to study collection items not on display or to visit the museum for research purposes outside normal visiting hours. Whilst we do not currently have a searchable catalogue of our full collection, many items are listed within the catalogue of the Gerald Coke Handel Collection, which can be searched here.

To arrange a research visit, please contact us in writing outlining the nature of your request by email to [email protected] or by post to 25 Brook Street, London W1K 4HB and we will advise what will be possible. Please note we whilst we endeavour to provide full access to our collection for researchers, it is not always possible to fulfil every request owing to the availability or condition of collection items or staff resources.

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